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Maria Virtanen

807 days ago
Jessica E
  • Kulttuurisuomi.fi
  • Aineisto:
  • Ketkä ovat mukana?
  • Question: Are there also other galleries in Finland that have opened their data to the public? (Once Finna.fii has API there will be others.)
  • Peruskysymys: CC0 metadata of Finna.fi - is it any use for Wikidata? Maybe Sum of all Paintings? Other projects? Or could wikidata be used to enrich the metadata (or somehing else) of Finna?
Osallistujien kiinnostuksen perusteella jakaannumme ryhmiin keskustelemaan ja harjoittelemaan. Jokaiselle ryhmälle tehdään oma hackpad.
Susanna Å Jan 101: General observation: Most have a dataset, but wonder if it suits Wikidata. 
Susanna Å Sandra: Wikidata for GLAMs, authority databases
  • Jukka
  • Action points
Yle: decisions, resourcing, read/write with pilot set, such as pilot sets. Next steps after first, Wikipedian in residence. Wikipedia ambassadors, a staff member. Umbrella organizations hiring wikipedians.
Authority: Linking YSO to Wikidata, resident wikipedian? To help make the decision would be to visualiza the overlap
Finna. How to proceed.
Jessica. CSC. 

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