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Esko Ikkala

807 days ago
Jokainen voi osallistua muistiinpanojen tekemiseen. Lisää huomioitasi, esitä kysymyksiä.
Mikael H
Jyrki L
  • Yleisöllä ei kuulemma ole mikrofonia. Streamin takia puhukaa kuuluvasti. Osa yleisön kommenteista kuuluu hyvin, osa huonommin.
  • Voit tehdä muistiinpanoja / you can make notes
Jan A
Jan A
  • Did someone happen to delete a big section here?
  • Aineisto:
  • Ketkä ovat mukana?
Jyrki L
  • Question: How can you have the Senate atlas from ceded Karelia, because as far as I know, the original maps were ceded to Soviet Union after the war? Or is it ithe black and white printed photocopies that have been used?
Esko I
Avoin tiede ja tutkimus - Jessica Parland-von Essen
Jessica E
  • International creators' identifiers database ISNI ? http://www.isni.org/ - Comment: ISNI works only partly for now, no history or hierarchy.  I'd like to have also for instance phone number and URL ... Also <3 the many languages in Wikidata ... (JPvE)
Kansallisgalleria: Taiteilija- ja teostietokanta – Hanna-Leena Paloposki
  • Peruskysymys:
Omar E
  • Question: Are there also other galleries in Finland that have opened their data to the public?
  • Ketkä ovat mukana?
  • Muistiinpanoja: Q (from Jan): Was the images from the artist that died in 1917 licensed under CC BY?

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