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807 days ago
Jokainen voi osallistua muistiinpanojen tekemiseen. Lisää huomioitasi, esitä kysymyksiä.
Mikael H
Jyrki L
  • Yleisöllä ei kuulemma ole mikrofonia. Streamin takia puhukaa kuuluvasti. Osa yleisön kommenteista kuuluu hyvin, osa huonommin.
  • Voit tehdä muistiinpanoja / you can make notes
Jan A
Jan A
  • Did someone happen to delete a big section here?
  • Aineisto:
  • Ketkä ovat mukana?
Jyrki L
  • Question: How can you have the Senate atlas from ceded Karelia, because as far as I know, the original maps were ceded to Soviet Union after the war? Or is it ithe black and white printed photocopies that have been used?
Esko I
Avoin tiede ja tutkimus - Jessica Parland-von Essen
Jessica E
  • International creators' identifiers database ISNI ? http://www.isni.org/ - Comment: ISNI works only partly for now, no history or hierarchy.  I'd like to have also for instance phone number and URL ... Also <3 the many languages in Wikidata ... (JPvE)
Kansallisgalleria: Taiteilija- ja teostietokanta – Hanna-Leena Paloposki
  • Peruskysymys:
Omar E
  • Question: Are there also other galleries in Finland that have opened their data to the public?
  • Ketkä ovat mukana?
  • Muistiinpanoja: Q (from Jan): Was the images from the artist that died in 1917 licensed under CC BY?
809 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by sandra.fauconnier@gmail.com 809 days ago
  • Wikidata, culture and GLAMs (Sandra)
  1. Culture and art volunteers on Wikidata: what do they work on? Example: the project Sum of All Paintings https://www.wikidata.org/wiki/Wikidata:WikiProject_sum_of_all_paintings
  1. How are Dutch (and international) art institutions integrated in Wikidata so far? Examples from Beeld en Geluid, Rijksmuseum, MoMA, ...
  1. Authority records/databases on Wikidata. Examples include the Getty's Art and Architecture Thesaurus, ULAN, RKDartists, Beeld en Geluid's GTAA
  1. First examples of re-use of Wikidata data: http://bengdb.beeldengeluid.nl/ - Histropedia 
  1. Recently started project in Belgium to import metadata of the major Flemish art collections (35,000 records) https://www.wikidata.org/wiki/Wikidata:Flemish_art_collections,_Wikidata_and_Linked_Open_Data 
  • -> insights from this project so far
Susanna Å
  • Participants: I expect reps from the participating organizations to attend. Those that have registered are from the National Board of Antiquities and Yle (there are 8 more orgs!!) Additionally we have wikipedians and a couple of people from Aalto University.
  • OK. In my workshop I'll do two things: 1. Ask all participants to explain their current Wikidata-ideas and possible projects so far and 2. Use these ideas and project proposals to 'dive into' Wikidata, look at similar existing initiatives (if any), let them try some relevant hands on editing and tools, get them acquainted with the community if relevant.
Text documentation
  • Notes during workshops in separate hackpads?
Sandra arrives on Thursday, lands 15.15 at HEL. Leaves Sat 8.10 from HEL. Stays at Scandic Marski.

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